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Clay Tryan, Three-time World Champion Team Roper, has competed professionally for since 1998. When asked what he is most excited about when talking about the ERA Clay said, “We are trying to create an elite league just like the NBA, MLB or any of the elite sports where the best guys compete against one another on a nightly basis. The ERA will be more of a professional sport which will be great for the fans to watch, it will be on TV and you can get behind your favorite cowboy and it will be easy to follow.”
Originally from Billings, Montana Clay now lives in Lipan, Texas with his wife Bobbi and their three sons. Hobbies include spending time with his family and being with his kids. Clay has three boys who hope to follow in his footsteps as a World Champion Team Roper. He ropes with ERA Athlete, Jade Corkill.
Every member in Clay’s family has competed professionally. At just 36 years old, he has been getting billed as one of the three best headers in the sport of rodeo along with ERA athletes, Jake Barnes and Speed Williams. ” As far as being the best, I say what matters is who roped the best that particular day”, Tryan says, “I’m trying to prove myself every single day. If I didn’t do well that day, I wasn’t the best. That’s what still drives me.”

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Clay Tryan Q & A

Q:Tell us about the ERA?
A:It’s a new rodeo association that the best guys in the world formed. We will have great events all across the United States and hopefully put on the best show that’s ever been put on.

Q:Why was it important to start the ERA?
A:I think anytime the best guys get together you have a lot of power. We have always competed against one another and a lot of us are friends and we want to compete against each other all the time. I think it will be great for the fans, a good product of rodeo, better than it’s ever been done before and I think that it will help grow the sport of rodeo even more.

Q:From the fans point of view, why should they buy a ticket to an ERA event?
A:Well you know your going to see the best guys every night. You are guaranteed to see the best like Trevor Brazile, Cody Ohl, Tuf Cooper and Jade Corkill. It will be worth the price of admission every time and you know your going to get a good product and see the best guys compete.

Q:Why is the ERA important to the future generation of rodeo?
A: I think the ERA is important to the younger generation because if you’re a kid then this is your future. Every kid’s goal is to be a World Champion and that is what they strive to be. The ERA will be top notch and the future generation’s goal is to be an ERA World Champion.