Taylor Jacob


Taylor Jacob| Barrel Racer

  • Hometown: Carmine, Texas
  • Rookie Year: 2013
  • DOB: 8/24/90

Taylor Jacob, Professional Barrel Racer, has competed professionally since 2013. Jacob made her way to the top just like everybody else. She said, “I started at the play days and slowly worked my way up through jackpots, youth rodeos, high school rodeos, college rodeos, amateur rodeos and then finally the professional rodeos. Not until I excelled at one level, did I move up to the next level.” Jacob was born and raised in Carmine, Texas. She enjoys spending time at the lake when she is home. An interesting fact about Jacob is that she currently holds the fastest time in the Barrel Racing at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Taylor Jacob Q&A

Q:What do you hope is different about the ERA based on a fan’s perspective?

A: I hope the fans get to know a little bit more about the “real” behind the scenes of rodeo athletes.

Q:What excites you most about the sport?

A: I love that being a “cowgirl” is an actual career option, financially the ERA will pay more and benefit the contestants.

Q:Who was your mentor or role model at the start of your career?

A: My mentor at the start and still today is Sherry Cervi. She is a great horseman and person.
Q:Do you have a rodeo routine you stick to when preparing to compete? Any silly superstition?
A: I have a routine but no major superstitions. I warm Bo up for about 1.5 hours. I then wrap him up, let him go to the bathroom and then I hand walk him until I run.

Q:What does practice look like to you?

A: I don’t physically go around the barrels much on Bo. He knows his job, I just sometimes have to remind him about certain things. I exercise him regularly to ensure that he’s in shape.