Will Lowe

Will Lowe Portrait

Will Lowe | Bareback Rider

  • Hometown: Canyon, Texas
  • Height: 5/5
  • Weight: 150 lbs.
  • Rookie Year: 2001
  • World Titles: 3
  • DOB: 12/24/82

Will Lowe, Three-time World Champion Bareback Rider, has competed professionally since 2001. While pursuing his career in rodeo, he had many people help him at the start of his career. His mentors were Mark Gomes and Clint Corey. Lowe had a storybook rookie year. His advice to the future generation of rodeo is, “Never give up on what you want!”
He lives in Canyon, Texas with his wife Tiffini and their two sons. His hobbies include cars, hunting, golfing and relaxing in his free time.

Will Lowe Q&A

Q: What do you want the fans to know most about ERA?
A: The ERA is trying to better the entire rodeo industry.
Q: How did you get your start?
A: I went to rodeo schools in Kansas at George Steinbergers. I competed at youth rodeos in the Kansas and Missouri area.
Q: Before you jump in the chute…what is on your mind?
A: I think about the basics. I need to get a great start and ride them jump for jump.
Q: Tell us about your rookie year and any advice you have for those just starting out?
A: I had a storybook rookie year! My advice is to never give up on what you want.