Sarah Rose McDonald

SarahRoseMcDonald Portrait

Sarah Rose McDonald| Barrel Racer

  • Hometown: Brunswick, Georgia
  • Rookie Year: 2014
  • DOB: 6/5/92
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Sarah Rose McDonald, Professional Barrel Racer, has competed professionally since 2014. We asked McDonald why she is most excited about being a part of the ERA she said, “I am excited that there is an honest group of people behind the ERA doing everything they can to better the sport of rodeo for everyone.” McDonald was born and raised in Brunswick, Georgia. When she is not on the rodeo road she enjoys being home on the family farm and riding through the woods. McDonald isn’t the only one in the family that is involved in rodeo. She looks up to her uncle, Stephen McDonald, who has trained and helped her with her horses.

Sarah McDonald Q&A

Q: What excites you most about the sport?
A: Rodeo is awesome because you get to compete against tough competition and also meet great friends. It’s what I love to do and if I could be able to make a living doing it that would be great.
Q: What does practice look like to you?
A: I spend a lot of time with my horses making sure they are comfortable. When I am home I ride a bunch of different horses and try to learn from riding with my uncle. While on the road I try to find calm places to ride my horses and keep them relaxed.
Q: Horses are a vital part to your success on the road. Tell us about your most favorite equine athlete.
A: Bling is a 9 year old mare by A Streak of Fling and a Dash Ta Fame mare, Short Penny. My family–Stephen McDonald and Larry Ammans bought her as a yearling and we trained and raised her. She is very smart, fast and turns very tight.
Q: How do you keep them healthy and always ready to compete?
A: I study how she acts and moves every day. She usually lets me know if something isn’t right. I try to give her the best feed, hay, alfalfa, supplements and care.