Lisa Lockhart

Lisa Lockhart Portrait

Lisa Lockhart | Barrel Racer

Lisa Lockhart, World Champion Barrel Racer, has competed professionally since 1993. Lockhart has won almost every major event in the sport of rodeo. She qualified for RFDTV’S, The American, twice and won the barrel racing title both times. She said, “It is indescribable to happen twice! It is an amazing accomplishment.”

Lockhart’s traveling partner, Louie, has helped her with each of her accomplishments. She said, “My horses have all taught me or benefited to my success but I have to say my horse, Louie, has changed my life. Louie has a “dennis the menace” attitude. His outgoing and exquisite personality is so much fun to be around.” Louie is a fan favorite in the rodeo arena.

Originally from Circle, Montana Lisa now lives in Oelrichs, South Dakota with her husband Grady and three kids. She is constantly on the go whether it is out on the road or at her kid’s athletic events. Her hobbies include ranching and training horses.


Lisa Lockhart Q&A

Q: What are you most looking forward to in regards to the structure of an ERA event vs. a traditional rodeo?
Q: I am looking forward to the magnitude of what the ERA will be and the level of professionalism it will have to offer. I am looking forward to simplifying the structure of scheduling rodeos and having more time to spend with family.
Q:>What do you hope is different about the ERA based on a fan’s perspective?
A: I hope the ERA simplifies things for the fans and will allow the fans to enjoy the many facets of the sport of rodeo.
Q:Tell us about your rookie year and any advice you have for those just starting out?
A: My advice is to be realistic your rookie year and take it one day at a time. Find the positive in everything you do and always strive to be better.
Q:What does practice look like to you?
A: Most importantly is keeping my horse in shape. I train a lot of horses and I think training keeps me sharp mentally and I learn something new every day that I apply to competing. The main thing is always being in the saddle.
Q:How do you keep them healthy and always ready to compete?
A: It is challenging, but most importantly you must know your animals inside and out. You need to know what keeps them happy and feeling good.