Kassidy Dennison

ERA Athlete Kassidy Dennison Portrait

Kassidy Dennison| Barrel Racer

  • Hometown: Tohatchi, New Mexico
  • Rookie Year:2011
  • DOB: 1/22/1992

Kassidy Dennison, Professional Barrel Racer, has competed professionally since 2011. We asked Kassidy what she is most looking forward t in regards to the structure of an ERA event she said, “I am looking forward to being able to still enjoy competing in rodeo, and also having more time to enjoy a stable life and being able to be more involved with the youth such as clinics, family and my cattle. I am looking forward to getting to know the fans on a personal level at the events I am attending instead of just once a year.” Dennison resides in Tohatchi, New Mexico. Her hobbies include ranching and going to the movies.

Kassidy Dennison Q&A

Q: What excites you most about the sport?
A: The opportunity to be an inspiration to my fans and my Natives Peoples.

Q: Tell us about your rookie year and any advice you have for those just starting out?
A: Never give up, no matter how hard it gets you have to get your all 110% daily grind.

Q: Horses are a vital part to your success on the road. Tell us about your most favorite equine athlete.
A: My favorite equine athlete is Eagle, he is a unique animal with the goofy personality. He is an amazing athlete and I’m lucky to be his jockey.

Q: Who was your mentor or role model at the start of your career?
A: My family always encouraged me, but I always wanted to be my own role model and become an inspiration to other young girls, so I pushed myself from the very beginning.