Junior Nogueira

ERA Athlete Junior Nogueira Portrait

Junior Nogueira | Team Roper-Heeler

  • Hometown: Presidente Prudente, Brazil
  • Height: 6’2
  • Weight: 185lbs.
  • Rookie Year: 2014
  • DOB: 9/6/91

Junior Nogueira, Professional Team Roper, has competed professionally in America since 2014. Nogueira is originally from Brazil, where he learned to rope and competed professionally for 10 years. We asked Nogueira who he admired while growing up he said, “My dad was my role model and my mom was my mentor. She would do the possible and impossible to take me to competitions and training was key to get me to where I am now.” Both of his parents roped and are well known in the rodeo industry in Brazil. Nogueira mentioned, “I roped my first steer when I was 3 years old, together with my dad.”

One of Nogueira’s dreams was to rodeo professionally in America he said, “I did all I could and grabbed all the opportunities God has given me, such as competing with (ERA Athlete) Jake Barnes.” He added, “For those starting, my advice is to always dream big and believe in yourself. Put God first in your life and all will work out fine.”


Junior Nogueiral Q&A

Q: What do you want the fans to know most about ERA?
A: ERA is Rodeo’s Elite. The best of the best! They will have the chance to follow the best competitors and enjoy quality of the sport.

Q: What excites you most about the sport?
A: All that involves roping I love to watch and do: team roping, calf roping, the animals, the atmosphere, the people and friends. Role models who you can mirror and do what you love the most.

Q: What does practice look like to you?
A: I think everything you do in practice must be a reflex in the arena. If not, you are not doing it right at practice that´s how you will do at the competition. Practice is something serious and important.

Q: Tell us your most memorable moment in rodeo.
A: When I roped my first steer with Jake Barnes at the rodeo.

Q: Horses are a vital part to your success on the road. Tell us about your most favorite equine athlete.
A: On this business there are lots of good horses but I like my horse – “Green card”, He has helped me a lot to be successful.

Q: How do you keep them healthy and always ready to compete?
A: Good quality food, exercises and training daily. Love and care. It is also important to use a good saddle.

Q: Any special quirks that makes them unique?
A: Horses are honest and faithful. They will always be on your side.