Fred Whitfield

Fred Whitfield Portrait

Fred Whitfield | Tie-Down Roper

Fred Whitfield, Eight-time World Champion Tie-Down Roper, has competed professionally since 1990. Whitfield is considered a legend in the sport of rodeo. He said, “As a kid I watched the top guys compete and hoped one day I’d get to that level.” Now, Whitfield, is a role model and mentor to the future generation of professional rodeo.
Whitfield’s success has reflected on his children’s athletic activities. He said, “Through my success my kids are learning and striving to be true competitors in the sport of their choice.”
He lives in Hockley, Texas with his wife Cassie and their two daughters. His hobbies are fishing, hunting, playing golf, and watching his girls at their sporting events. Whitfield also goes by the name of “Moon”, a nickname his grandfather gave him.
Animal Athlete | Horse Name: Jewels

Fred Whitfield Q&A

Q: What do you want the fans to know most about ERA?
A: I want the fans to know that the ERA is a totally new concept in the sport of rodeo.
Q: What do you hope is different about the ERA based on a fan’s perspective?
A: I hope the ERA allows the fans to be able to follow the cowboys and cowgirls on a weekly basis and become familiar with the competitors.
Q: Who was your mentor or role model at the start of your career?
A: My mentor was Roy Moffitt and my role model was Roy Cooper.
Q: Before you back into the box…what is on your mind?
A: Focusing on my part of the competition with my draw and my horse.
Q: Tell us about your rookie year and any advice you have for those just starting out?
A: Throughout my rookie year I traveled with 6 different ropers. My advice coming into rodeo on a professional level would be to travel with someone that is experienced and has been competing at the pro-level for at least a few years.