Chayni Chamberlain

Chayni Chamberlain Portrait

Chayni Chamberlain| Barrel Racer

  • Hometown: Stephenville, Texas
  • Height:5’10”
  • Weight: 215
  • Rookie Year: 2015
  • DOB: 8/24/2005
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Chayni Chamberlain, our youngest athlete who can fiercely compete with the elite has been competing for four years. We asked Chamberlain why is she excited about being a part of the ERA she said, “I am excited about being a part of history in the making!” We think this young superstar is history in the making herself. Chamberlain lives in Stephenville, Texas with her parents and brother. When she is not competing in the rodeo arena, she is participating in gymnastics and playing basketball. Chamberlain won RFDTV’S The American, Semi-Finals in Ft. Worth, Texas in 2015. She is considered the youngest athlete thus far to competed for $1,000,000 at RFDTV’S The American in Dallas, Texas at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Keep a look out, as you will be seeing a lot of this young ladies name in the near future!


Q: What are you most excited about being a part of the ERA?
A: I am excited about being a part of history in the making!.

Q: Who is your mentor or role model?

A: June Holeman.

Q: Before you ride down the alley…what is on your mind?

A: Go FLO!

Q: Any special quirks that makes your horse unique?

A: Flo bobs his head when he is bored or wants something so we notice him!