Callie Duperier


Callie Duperier| Barrel Racer

  • Hometown: Boerne, Texas
  • Rookie Year: 2014
  • DOB: 3/17/93

Callie Duperier, Professional Barrel Racer, has competed professionally since 2014. We asked Duperier what excites her most about the sport of rodeo she said, “Everything! The adrenaline rush you get before making a run is very exciting!” With a horse like Dillon, we couldn’t agree more!

Originally from Boerne, Texas Duperier plans on moving to Galveston, Texas after she gets married in May 2016 to her fiancé, Kaleb Apffel. Her hobbies include hunting, fishing, hanging out with her family and riding around the family ranch.

Growing up, Duperier idolized 4-time World Champion Barrel Racer, Sherry Cervi. She is fortunate enough to haul with Cervi. She said, “Sherry was more excited for me than for herself and it is awesome to have someone behind you that you have looked up to since you were a little girl.”.


Q: What do you want the fans to know most about ERA?

A: I want the fans to know there are a lot of cowboys and cowgirls behind the ERA that are trying to make the sport of rodeo better.

Q: What excites you most about the sport?

A: Everything! The adrenaline rush you get before making a run is very exciting!

Q: Tell us about your rookie year and any advice you have for those just starting out?

A: My rookie year was a great experience and I learned a lot. My advice would be to never give up and keep pushing!

Q: Do you have a rodeo routine you stick to when preparing to compete? Any silly superstition?

A: I always saddle and brush my horses. I wear the same hat I have had since high school. If I do good at a rodeo, I will wear the same clothes at the next rodeo. I am very superstitious!