Bray Armes

Animal Athlete: Ote

  • Rider Name: Bray Armes
  • Event: Steer Wrestling
  • Color: Palomino

Interesting Fact: Ote, was bred for the rodeo sport of barrel racing. Matt Reeves bought and started him and Bray bought him from Matt in 2013. Ote gives the same shot every time and makes steer wrestling a lot easier. Left, A day in the life of Ote. #OteTheGreat


Animal Athlete:  Dat Flowing Bunny (Flo)

  • Rider Name: Chayni Chamberlain
  • Event: Barrel Racing
  • Color: Grey

Interesting Fact: Together my horse and I are 24 years old!

Tuf Cooper

Animal Athlete: Topaz

  • Rider: Tuf Cooper
  • Color: Brown
  • Event: Tie-Down Roping

Interesting Fact: Topaz is ridden by Tuf Cooper. She has a loving personality and she is fun to ride. She loves other horses and hates losing. She has perfect conformation and has a long pretty mane and tail. She has pretty big ears, a real pretty scar on her front leg and beautiful eyes.

Jade Corkill

Animal Athlete: Switchblade

  • Rider: Jade Corkill
  • Event: Team Roping
  • Color: Bay

Interesting Fact: Switchblade hates being tied up and will become untied unless you get a chain and a snap. He loves his grain and loves heeling steers.

Kassidy Dennison era athlete

Animal Athlete: Eagle, Sierra Hall of Fame

  • Rider Name: Kassidy Dennison
  • Event: Barrel Racer
  • Color: Bay

Interesting Fact: Son of famed rodeo horse, Dash Ta Fame, Eagle loves the camera, his name was inspired by the native sacred animal, the Eagle, which is symbolic for a leader, protector etc.

Kaleb Driggers

Animal Athlete: Dre

  • Rider Name: Kaleb Driggers
  • Event: Team Roping-Header
  • Color: Sorrel

Interesting Fact: Dre hates wagons. He hates being tied up alone and if he doesn’t have a buddy to stand next to then he makes an awful whinny.


Animal Athlete: Rare Dillon

  • Rider Name: Callie Duperier
  • Event: Barrel Racer
  • Color: Buckskin

Interesting Fact: Dillon has taken three different rodeo athletes to the finals.

Shane Hanchey

Animal Athlete: Si

  • Rider Name: Shane Hanchey
  • Event: Tie-Down Roping
  • Color: Sorrel

Interesting Fact: Si is Hanchey’s new horse. This horse is extremely athletic. He is a perfect match for this super rodeo athlete.

Charmayne James

Animal Athlete: Grasshopper

  • Rider: Charmayne James
  • Event: Barrel Racing
  • Color: Bay

Interesting Fact: Grasshopper is so willing to learn and cool and calm, Charmayne says that he is the kind of horse you could bring in your house and teach him to vacuum the floors.

Taylor Jacob

Animal Athlete: Tink

  • Rider: Taylor Jacob
  • Event: Barrel Racing
  • Color: Buckskin

You can’t tie Tink to the trailer, you have to tie her to the fence or she will set back. Taylor said “I like Tink because she is so fast!.

Lisa Lockhart

Animal Athlete: Louie

  • Rider Name: Lisa Lockhart
  • Event: Barrel Racing
  • Color: Buckskin

Interesting Fact: Louie has a “dennis the menace” attitude. He has an outgoing and exquisite personality. Louie is fun to be around.

Sarah Rose McDonald

Animal Athlete: Foxys Driftin Jewel

  • Rider Name: Sarah Rose McDonald
  • Event: Barrel Racing
  • Color: Sorrel Mare

Interesting Fact: Jewel is owend by Callie Duperier’s family.

Turtle Powell and Otto

Animal Athlete: Otto

  • Rider Name: Turtle Powell
  • Event: Team Roping-Heading
  • Color: Sorrel

Interesting Fact: Otto is a real honest horse that is fun to ride in short scores.


Animal Athlete: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

  • Rider: Brittany Pozzi-Tonozzi
  • Event: Barrel Racing
  • Color: Sorrel

Interesting Fact: Brittany raised, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Nickname: Mona). Mona was named after Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi, a famous Italian movie star related to Brittany.

ERA Athlete Fallon Taylor

Animal Athlete: BabyFlo

  • Rider: Fallon Taylor
  • Event: Barrel Racing
  • Color: Sorrel

Interesting Fact: BabyFlo hates being turned out in big pastures. She stays in the trailer until Fallon is about to run. – She was an AQHA Horse of the Year Recipient, Breyer Horse and earned over $619,000. Baby Flo only drinks from light colored buckets. She has her own companion goat named Itsy Bitsy

ERA Athlete Clay Tryan

Animal Athlete: Johnson

  • Rider: Clay Tryan
  • Event: Team Roping-Header
  • Color: Sorrel

Interesting Fact: Johnson is really athletic and has a good mind. Tryan said, “He is one of the best horses I have ever owned.”